Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Roller Blinds for Your Property

16 December 2020
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Window coverings come in different styles and designs. When choosing the covering, you should consider the style to make sure it blends well with your home's décor. More importantly, you need to think about the practicality of the window treatment. Is it easy to use, clean and maintain? Roller blinds provide numerous benefits over other window coverings, including the following. They Are Customizable Instead of buying ready-made window coverings, you can opt for custom-made roller blinds. Read More 

Nifty Tips for Matching a New Carpet to The Interior Design of Your Home

9 November 2020
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One thing you can always count on regarding interior décor trends is that they are constantly evolving. What was considered swanky the previous year can easily be discarded for a fresher trend the following year, so it is never advisable to base your interior design solely on what is considered hot currently. Nevertheless, some elements will never go out of style, as they are considered interior décor staples. One such element is carpeting. Read More 

3 Options That Will Increase The Privacy of Your Outdoor Living Space

3 February 2020
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It's been a long, hot summer so far in Australia, and the warm weather shows no sign of abating anytime soon. This means that many people have been making the most of their outdoor living spaces to enjoy the warm weather. While most homes have a dedicated outdoor area, many lack privacy, particularly in high-density urban environments. If this is an issue for you, you may wish that you could make your deck, patio or balcony more private so that you enjoy using the space without feeling overlooked by your neighbours. Read More 

Office Fit-Out: Open Up Your Office Layout

29 January 2020
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Setting up a new office will force you to choose between two major types of office layouts. There is the traditional-style office layout which includes individual cubicles separated from each other by interior walls. The other option is the open-plan office layout in which employees work in a centralised open area rather than in separate offices. Because rental office space seems to get more expensive by the day, you will want to ensure that you make the most out of the available space by choosing the right office layout plan. Read More 

3 Different Strength Levels of Roller Blinds

28 January 2020
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Roller blinds are a popular source of shade and privacy for homeowners. They are also relatively cheap when compared to many blinds and mechanical roller shutters, which makes them even more attractive to prospective buyers. However, before you choose your new roller blinds, you should consider one thing: what strength do you want? You may not realise that there even are different levels of strength when it comes to roller blinds so here is a quick rundown of the three most popular strength levels and their benefits. Read More