Will Laser Cut Security Screen Doors Prove to be Worth the Hype?

9 June 2022
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Many homeowners are cognizant of the importance of investing in security screen doors for their homes. However, despite the high demand for the structures, there has not been much of an improvement in the aesthetic value of these doors. Instead, the focus has largely been on the robustness of these structures since their primary function is securing residences. But this is no longer the case.

The advent of laser-cut technology has brought about modern-day security screen doors that are visually pleasing without sacrificing their inherent functionality. Consequently, you do not have to worry about the security screen doors detracting from the overall visual interest of your property. Nonetheless, laser-cut security doors do come with a premium price tag. So what makes them worth the hype?

Striking styles

Without a doubt, the foremost quality of laser-cut security screen doors that justifies their premium price tag is their undeniable appeal. Unlike conventional security screen doors that are mass-produced, laser-cut security doors are personalised to your specifications. For example, if you would like the laser-cut security doors to be monogrammed to appear similar to ornamental gates, you can rest assured the final design will match your specifications.

On the other hand, if you would prefer patterns integrated into the design of these doors so they complement the architectural style of your home, you can be guaranteed the laser-cut security screen doors will meet these needs. Overall, by purchasing laser-cut security screen doors, you are being proactive about ensuring the aesthetic value of these doors will not depreciate with time.

Aussie made

The second reason why laser-cut security screen doors tend to be more expensive than their mass-market counterparts is they are manufactured in Australia. However, this quality does come with several advantages. For starters, living in Australia means you are keenly familiar with how extreme the weather conditions can get. Local manufacturers are aware of this too. Therefore, they will design the laser-cut security screen doors to be resistant to severe climatic changes.

Whether you reside in a location that is prone to humidity, bush fires, and so on, you can be confident that the laser-cut security screen doors will be safe from harm. You should also bear in mind that a good number of local manufacturers will provide both structural guarantees and manufacturing warranties. Thus, if you do need to replace your laser security screen doors prematurely, it will likely not be out of pocket.

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