Benefits of Plantation Shutters for a Home

22 November 2021
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Windows are one of the main architectural features in a room, standing out from the wall. Thus, the coverings you select are crucial to the room's aesthetic. Of course, window coverings have the practical function of controlling daylight and privacy. One possibility to consider is plantation shutters. Here are their benefits.

They're Attractive

Plantation shutters are decorative and more visually appealing than alternatives such as roller and Venetian blinds. Shutters have a timeless appeal with their unique design of louvres fitted within a frame, giving the windows a scenic look. They also add texture to the room, preventing it from looking bland. But they don't take up space and overflow the room like curtains.

Light Control

You can angle the louvres on plantation shutters up or down to deflect and control the light flow in a room. You can either darken the space entirely or create a pleasant dappled lighting effect by angling them so the sunshine peeps through. As well as fixed plantation shutters, you can install ones that move. For example, you could fit hinged, bifold, or sliding shutters. With these models, you can open them completely, revealing the window and the outside view.

Increased Privacy

Plantation shutters help create privacy in a home, as you can position the louvres so that people can't look inside from the streets. At the same time, you'll have a garden view. You can also install different configurations that provide extra privacy controls. For example, fit shutters with upper and lower partitions that you can operate separately. That way, you can close the lower shutters for privacy and leave the upper ones open for light flow. Alternatively, construct cafe-style shutters that cover the bottom part of the window only.

Colour Options

You also have plenty of colour and design options with plantation shutters. You can install stained or painted timber in hues like classic white, bold blue, or seventies orange. Aluminium and PVC shutters also come in a myriad of colours. Faux-timber vinyl shutters have an embossed, grainy texture that mimics wood. If you install white ones, they mimic white-painted timber shutters.

With so many design options, you can easily harmonise the shutters with different room aesthetics, including traditional, modern, or rustic. If you install a neutral shade, you can redecorate in the future, and the shutters will blend with the new design. These shutters will last for many years after installation, so their versatility will come in handy.