3 Options That Will Increase The Privacy of Your Outdoor Living Space

3 February 2020
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It's been a long, hot summer so far in Australia, and the warm weather shows no sign of abating anytime soon. This means that many people have been making the most of their outdoor living spaces to enjoy the warm weather. While most homes have a dedicated outdoor area, many lack privacy, particularly in high-density urban environments.

If this is an issue for you, you may wish that you could make your deck, patio or balcony more private so that you enjoy using the space without feeling overlooked by your neighbours. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to do this by trying one of these three simple yet effective options.

1. Outdoor blinds

The first option for making your outdoor living space more private is to add outdoor blinds. These are essentially the same as indoor roller blinds, but they're made from materials that are designed to be used outdoors and stand up to the rigours of environmental exposure.

Outdoor blinds are a great option because they are unobtrusive, they are easy to install and they can be installed in virtually any outdoor space. They also give you complete flexibility over how much light, shade and privacy you want for the space at different times of the day.

2. A vertical garden

Another excellent option for creating a more private outdoor living space is a vertical garden. They're metal frames that allow a series of plant pots to be hung vertically in rows, creating a wall made of garden. They're excellent to use as privacy screening, particularly when the plants you choose reach maturity.

Vertical gardens are also an excellent option if you have little or no garden space for growing plants. You can cultivate a herb garden to use for cooking and to provide lovely aromas when you're outdoors. You can also grow vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber that are perfect for those summer salads.

3. Tall potted plants

Finally, you can add more privacy to your deck, patio or balcony by introducing a number of tall potted plants. This is a great choice if you are renting your home or you don't want to add more permanent additions to your outdoor living space.

Miniature fruit trees, such as lemons and limes, are a great choice and can provide you with fruit at different times of the year. Flowering, verdant trees, such as hibiscus and magnolia are also good. Some species of bamboo will also happily grow in pots and are great for screening purposes because they grow rapidly into dense clumps.