3 Different Strength Levels of Roller Blinds

28 January 2020
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Roller blinds are a popular source of shade and privacy for homeowners. They are also relatively cheap when compared to many blinds and mechanical roller shutters, which makes them even more attractive to prospective buyers. However, before you choose your new roller blinds, you should consider one thing: what strength do you want? You may not realise that there even are different levels of strength when it comes to roller blinds so here is a quick rundown of the three most popular strength levels and their benefits. 

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are the strongest level when it comes to blocking out the sun. Most blackout roller blinds do this by having a lining on the outside of the blinds that restricts any sunlight from peaking through the fabric of the blinds. If you are looking for a set of blinds that can darken a room with minimal effort, then you should also look for blinds that fit tightly in your window space. Any slight gap between the blinds and the side of the window will let sunlight in and negate the blackout effect. Blackout roller blinds are perfect for the TV room or bedroom because they provide total privacy and protection from the glare of the sun.

Normal Blinds

If you are happy with a certain level of light pollution through the fabric of the roller blinds and are just looking for a softer glow, then any normal blinds will do the trick. These roller blinds are perfect for most living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and wherever else you want the natural light to come in but at a controlled level. Avoid use in the bedrooms unless you combine it with another type of sunlight filter such as curtains or as an addition to blackout roller blinds. 

Translucent Roller Blinds

Translucent roller blinds or sunscreen roller blinds allow almost all light to come into your home while still obstructing the view of people outside looking in. If you still want a diffused glow of light that matches the level outside then translucent roller blinds are what you are looking for. They are also good for allowing light in but acting as a level of insulation so your home can remain cool in summer when air-conditioned. These types of blinds are good for kitchens and playrooms although some people just prefer the amount of sun all over their house. Before you buy them go and check them out in-store to be sure that this is the level of sunlight you are happy with.