Two Easy Ways to Improve Your Cafe's Appearance

27 January 2021
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If your cafe looks rundown, here are some easy things you can do to make it look better, without having to hire renovation contractors or spend more money than you can afford to.

Use commercial perforated metal screens to hide its unsightly features

You can use commercial perforated screens to conceal your premises' more unattractive features. If for example, the radiator that is located in your cafe's seating area is old, battered and unsightly, you could place an inexpensive but stylish screen in front of it. The perforations in the metal screen will ensure that the heat from this radiator will still pass through it, circulate around the seating area and keep your customers warm on cold days.

Whilst you might have considered buying a radiator cover instead, a screen would be a better option, because if you eventually get round to replacing or refinishing the radiator, you can simply move the decorative screen to another area and use it to disguise another unsightly feature. Conversely, if you had been using a radiator cover, you would be stuck with this defunct item and would either have to sell it or find a place to store it.

Metal screens are particularly suitable for this setting, as they're not very porous; this means that if customers spill their coffee or knock some food over, you'll be able to easily wipe off any drops that land on the screens and they won't end up stained.

Hang several mirrors and some striking art prints on the walls

The other easy way to give your cafe's appearance a boost is to put up some strategically-positioned mirrors and a few eye-catching art prints on the premises' walls. For example, if the cafe's interior isn't particularly beautiful, but it is on a very scenic street, you might want to put a big mirror on the interior wall that faces the window through which you can see this street; this will ensure that even the customers whose tables are facing away from this lovely view will still get to see it.

Additionally, hanging art prints on the walls is an excellent way to disguise cracks, damaged plaster or old nail holes. Furthermore, if the prints are large and feature interesting images and vivid colours, they will distract from any adjacent features that are not as pretty.

If you'll be putting up art prints and mirrors near the aforementioned screens, make sure they're placed high enough on the walls that they can be seen above these screens.