Ideas for Organising Your Study Desk

11 January 2020
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A study desk provides you with a dedicated spot to do school work or catch up on business essentials. If you're thinking about investing in a new study desk or want to improve your existing setup, you should think about organisation. A well organised space allows you to find things more easily, and at the same time it can also reduce stress and boost your focus. 

To organise your study desk, check out these ideas:

Cord Management

When setting up your study desk, think carefully about cord management. Make sure that all corded items that are permanently stored on the desk have their cords out of the way and organised. You can buy special clips or plastic channels to prevent cords from tangling. 

You should also make sure to have spots for devices that come and go from your study desk. For instance, you should have a charging port for your cell phone or tablet available to use on your desk. That is easier than trying to plug in a charger once in a while. 

Built-in Storage Solutions

While shopping for your study desk, look for a design with built-in storage options. Depending on your needs, that may include shelves, drawers and small cubbies. You may also want to invest in additional storage. For example, if you do a lot of crafts, you may want bins, jars and other storage solutions to hold your supplies. 

Rubbish Bin

Regardless of what you do at your study desk, you may generate rubbish. Whether you're throwing away unwanted drafts of your next novel, shredding sensitive financial documents or just tossing out a candy wrapper, you need a spot for this stuff. Find a comfortable place under the desk or nearby for a rubbish bin. 

Clear Desktop

Ideally, one of the focuses of your organisational objectives should be to have a clear desktop. As explained above, storage solutions can help with that process, but you also need a systemic approach. Be diligent about putting things away when not in use, and try to make sure that everything has a spot. 

If you don't like the completely minimalist look, keep in mind that your desktop does not have to be totally clear. Of course, you can have photos, keepsakes or study essentials on your desk. You simply don't want it to be cluttered. Try to be intentional about what you put out on your desk and make sure that it fosters a positive studying environment.